Important Idioms and Phrases Series #8

Idioms and Phrase

This Idioms And Phrases most important For SSC/BANK/CDS/NDA/AIRFORCE and Upcoming all Competitive Exams


1. To leave no stone unturned?
a. to keep clean and tidy
b. to try utmost
c. to work enthusiastically
d. to change the things

2. To butter one’s bread on both sides?
a. to eat bread and butter
b. to be evil tempered
c. to take double advantage out of deal
d. a hungry man

3. cap in hand?
a. to revive
b. to beat
c. humbly
d. to try to take work

4. To face the music?
a. to prepare to give musical performance
b. to suffer evil consequences
c. to suffer hardships
d. to change the tings

5. A storm in a tea up?
a. Impending storm
b. excitement over something trivial
c. danger to come
d. something trivial but important

6. Foam in the mouth?
a. bitten by a snake
b. to reveal to secret
c. extreme hatred
d. to be furious

7. The pros and cons?
a. for and against a thing
b. foul and fair
c. good and evil
d. former and latter

8. Look forward to?
a. to hit the target
b. to expect with pleasure
c. to guess right
d. to settle the old score

9. To show the white feather?
a. to show signs of cowardice
b. to seek peace
c. to show arrogance
d. become polite

10. At beck and call?
a. at rest
b. at disposal
c. at service
d. at their desks



 1. (b) , 2. (c) , 3. (c) , 4. (b) , 5. (b) , 6. (d) , 7. (b) , 8. (b) , 9. (a) , 10. (c)



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