Important Antonyms (51-75) Series


Most Important Asked Previous year Antonyms (51-75) Series 

Important Antonyms For Railway, SSC, IB, BPSC, HTET, CTET, HSSC, UP PCS,  AIRFORCE , NDA , CDS and other Competitive Exams

51. Censure(निंदा)- Acclaim, Praise

52. Coy(विनीत)- Brash, Unabashed

53. Craven(डरपोक)- Daring, Gallant

54. Chary(होशियार)- Rash, Careless

55. Chide(डांटना)- Glorify, Admire

56. Cornucopia(मंगल श्रृंग)- Scarcity, Deficiency

57. Curtail(घटाना)- Widen, Enlarge

58. Cynical(निंदक)- Cheerful, Positive

59. Corroborate(मंडित कतना)- Deny, Oppose

60. Cupidity(अर्थलिप्सा)- Munificence, Liberality

61. Contumacy(सरकशी)- Submission, Obedience

62. Consummate(समाप्त)- Jejune, Infelicitous

63. Consecrate(ज्ञान देना)- Unhallowed, Unconsecrated

64. Coax(समाक्ष)- Kittle, Take Offence

65. Cloying(ऊबाना)- Diverting, Amusing

66. Cornucopia(मंगल श्रृंग)- Scarcity, Inadequacy

67. Condign(लायक़)- Undue, Unfair

68. Complaisance(अनुग्रह)- Surliness, Sullenness

69. Commemorate(मनाना)- Violate, Break

70. Comity(शिष्टाचार)- Rupture, Turmoil

71. Damned(शापित)- Superb, Outstanding

72. Dank(नम)- Water less, Arid

73. Denounce(आरोप लगा देना)- Praise, Commend

74. Deficiency(कमी)- Excess, Gult

75. Demean(नीचा दिखाना)- Boost, Fortify

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