Important Computer Full Form   

  1. ADC– Analog Digital Converter
  2. AI– Artificial Intelligence
  3. ALGOL– Algorithmic Language
  4. ALU– Arithmetic Logic Unit
  5. ASCII– American Standard code for Information Interchange
  6. ATM– Automated Teller Machine
  7. BARC– The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
  8. BASIC– Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
  9. BIOS– Basic input Output System
  10. BSNL– Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
  11. CAD– Computer Aided Design
  12. CAM– Computer Aided Manufacturing
  13. CD– Compact Disc
  14. CD ROM– Compact Disc Read Only Memory
  15. CD RW– Compact Disc Read And Write
  16. COBAL– Common Business Oriented Language
  17. CPU– Central Processing Unit
  18. CRT– Cathode Ray Tube
  19. CU- Control Unit
  20. D RAM– Dynamic Ram
  21. DAC– Digital Analog Converter
  22. DBMS– Database Management System
  23. DCL– Digital Command Language
  24. DFD– Data Flow Diagram
  25. DNS– Domain Name System
  26. DPI– Dots per Inch
  27. DRDO– The Defence Research & Development Organisation
  28. DVD– Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc
  29. E Mail– Electronic Mail
  30. E-Commerce– Electronic Commerce
  31. E-Prom– Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
  32. EBCDIC– Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
  33. EDP– Electronic Data Processing
  34. EDSAC– Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator
  35. EE-PROM- Electrically Erasable Pragrammable Read Only Memory
  36. ENIAC– Electronic Numeric Integrated And Computer
  37. FORTRAN– Formula Translation
  38. FTP– File Transfer Protocol
  39. GUI– Graphical User Interface
  40. HTML– Hyper Text Markup Language
  41. IBM– International Business Machine
  42. ISDN– Integrated Services Digital Network
  43. IT– Information Technology
  44. KBPS– Kilo Byte Per Second
  45. LAN– Local Area Network
  46. LCD– Liquid Crystal Display
  47. LSI– Large Scale Integration
  48. MAN- Metropolitian Area Network
  49. MB– Mega Byte
  50. MICR– Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
  51. MODEM– Modulator Demodulator
  52. MS-DOS– Microsoft-Disc Operating System
  53. MTNL– Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited
  54. NAL– National Aerospace Laboratories
  55. NIC- Network Interface Card
  56. OCR- Optical Character Reader
  57. OMR– Optical Mark Reader
  58. OS– Operating System
  59. PC– Personal Computer
  60. PDL– Program Design Language
  61. POS– Point Of Sales
  62. PROM– Programmable Read Only Memory
  63. PSTN- Public Switched Telephone Network
  64. RAM– Random Access Memory
  65. ROM– Read Only Memory
  66. RPG– Report Program Generator
  67. S RAM- Static RAM
  68. SCSI, PORT– Small Computer System Interface Port
  69. TCP– Transmission Control Protocol
  70. IP– Internal Protocol
  71. TFT- Thin-Film Transistor
  72. ULSI- Ultra Large Scale Integration
  73. UPS– Uninterruptible Power Supply
  74. URL– Uniform Resource Locator
  75. USB– Universal Serial Bus
  76. VDU– Visual Display Unit
  77. VLSI- Very Large Scale Integration
  78. VSNL– Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited
  79. WAN- Wide Area Network
  80. WIMAX– Worldwide Interperability For Microwave Access
  81. WLL- Wireless Local Loop
  82. WORM– Write Once Read Many
  83. WWW– World Wide Web 
  84. WWWW– world wide web worm 



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