Most Important Asked Previous year Idioms and Phrase Exercise (51-75) Series

51. A close shave(बाल बाल बचना)- A narrow escape

52. Crocodile tears(दिखावटी आशु)- False show of grief

53. Cold reception(दिखावटी स्वागत)- No hearty welcome

54. To be caught red-handed(रेंज हाथ पकडे जाना) – To be caught while committing a crime

55. Capital punishment(मौत की सजा)Bodily punishment

57. To carry coals to new castle(उल्टे बॉँस बरेली जाये)- Unnecessary and useless work

58. To call names(गली देना)- To abuse

59. To cut one’s coat according to one’s cloth(अपनी आमदनी के अंदर ही खर्च करना)- To live within one’s own means

60. Chip of the old block(जैसा बाप तैसा बेटा)- The son resembling the father

61. To cut a sorry figure(अच्छा प्रभाव न डालना)- To make a poor impression

62. To curry favour(खुशामद करके कृपापात्र बनना)- To win favour by flattery

63. To cast a slur(अपयश का कारण बनना)- To bring disgrace

64. A bull in a china shop(विध्वंशकारी व्यक्ति)- Heedless destroyer

65. To put the cart before the horse(गलत ढंग से कार्य करना)- To do something in a wrong way

66. To die in harness(काम करते करते मर जाना)- To die while on duty

67. Drop in the ocean(अत्यंत ही थोड़ी मात्रा)- Very insignificant amount

68. A dark horse(अचानक प्रसिद्धि पाना)- A person suddenly coming into prominence

69. Drawn battle or drawn match(बारबार की बाजी होना)- A battle or match in which no party wins

70. Double dealing(धोखेबाजी के कार्य)- Deceitful actions

71. To give the devil due(बुरे आदमी की भी चित प्रसंसा करना)- Even the wicked should be given the credit due to him

72. Sword of Damocles(सिर पर लटकी तलवार)- An imminent danger

73. To dance attendance upon(चपलूसी करना)- To flatter

74. On the horns of a dilemma(मुसीबत में फसना दो कढ़िन अवस्थाओं के बिच)- To face a difficult situation between two problem

75. To play ducks and drakes(अपना धन बर्बाद करना)- To waste money

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