Most Important Asked Previous year One word Substitution (101-125) Series

Important One word Substitution (101-125) For Railway, SSC, IB, BPSC, HTET, CTET, HSSC, UP PCS,  AIRFORCE , NDA , CDS and other Competitive Exams

101. Nursery (जहाँ पौधे उगाए जाते है )- Where young plants are grown

102. Orchard (फलों का बगीचा)- Where fruit trees are grown

103.  Observatory (वेधशाला)- Where astronomical observations are made

104. Oasis (मरूस्थल में पायी जाने वाली उपजाऊ जगह जहाँ पानी मिलता है)- A green place in desert

105. Orphanage (अनाथालय)- Where orphans are kept

106. Pen (जानवरों का बाडा़)- The shelter for a animal

107. Pantheon (सभी देवताओं का मंदिर)- Temple dedicated to all Gods

108. Pharmacy (औषधशाला)- Where medicines are prepared or sold

109. Peninsula (प्रायद्वीप)- A piece of land projecting into water

110. Prison (जेल)- Where convicts are kept

111. Parsonage (पादरियाे का घर) – A home of parson

112. Palace (महल)- A home of kings

113. Presbytery (पुजारियों का घर)- A home of priest

114. Pavement (सड़क के नीचे का तहखाना)- A home of vagrant

115. Quagv (दलदल)- An area of low, wet land often with all grasses

116. Quay (जहाजीघाट)- The place the ships are loaded or unloaded

117. Quarantine (अस्पताल का अलग कमरा)- Confinement to avoid one place to avoid spread of infection

118. Reservoir (जलाशय)- Where water is stored

119. Resort (स्वास्थप्रद्र जलवायु वाली जगह )- A place for improving one’s health

120.Resort (सैर गाही होटल)- A place where people go for vacations

121. Refectory (भोजनगृह)- A large room where meals are served at a place where many people live

122. Rotunda (गोलाकार भवन)- A large round room home and especially one covered by a home

123. Reformatory (छोटी उम्र वाले अपराधियों के सुधारने का स्थान)- An institution for reforming the young offenders

124. Stable (अस्तबल)- A shelter for a horse

125. Sty (सुअरों का स्थान)- Where pigs are kept



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