Most Important Asked Previous year One word Substitution (21-50) Series

Important One word Substitution (21-50) For Railway, SSC, IB, BPSC, HTET, CTET, HSSC, UP PCS,  AIRFORCE , NDA , CDS and other Competitive Exams

21. Barn(खलिहान)– A home of owl

22. Brewery(शराब की भठ्ठी)– Where beer is manufactured

23. Bakery(बेकरी)– Where bread is made

24. Bindery(जिल्द)– A place where books are bound

25. Backdrop(पृष्ठभूमि)– A painted cloth that is hung across the back of a stage

26. Boulevard(बुलेवार)– A broad road bordered with tress

27. Cage(पिंजरा)– A case for birds

28. Casino(कैसिनो)– A place with gambling tables

29. Cemetery(कब्रिस्तान)– Where the dead are buried, a graveyard

30. Cloakroom(कपड़द्वार)– Where luggage is kept at railway station

31. Convent(मठ)- A residence for nuns

32. Cylinder(सिलेंडर)– A container in which gas is stored

33. Crematorium(श्मशान)– Where the funeral rites are performed

34. Confluence(संगम)– A place where who rivers or streams join to become one

35. Cascade(झरना)- Small waterfall

36. Constellation(नक्षत्र)– Groups of stars

37. Cache(कैश)– A secret store of valuables/money

38. Chalet(षाले)– The shelter of a swiss peasant

39. Cul-de-sac(अन्धधानी) – The street only opens at end

40. Cellar(तहख़ाना)– An underground place for storing wine or other provisions

41. Cantonment(छावनी)– The place where the soldiers are quartered

42. Creche(क्रेच)– A nursery where children are cared for while their parents are at work

43. Continent(महाद्वीप)– A large contiguous landmass

44. Causeway(पक्की सड़क)– A road that is raised, as to be above water marshland

45. Common room(सामूहिक कमरा)– A room in a school or college for use of students or staff outside teaching hours

46. Coop(कॉप)– A cage or pen for confining poultry

47. Caravan(कारवां)- A home of gypsy

48. Castle(कैसल)– A large building fortified against attack with thick walls

49. Cottage(कुटिया)– A home of peasant

50. Chalet(षाले)- A wooden home of swiss



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