Most Important Asked Previous year One word Substitution (51-75) Series

Important One word Substitution (51-75) For Railway, SSC, IB, BPSC, HTET, CTET, HSSC, UP PCS,  AIRFORCE , NDA , CDS and other Competitive Exams

51. Dovecote(दरबा)- A home of pigeon

52. Dray(छकड़ा) – A home of squirrel

53. Dockyard(जहाज़ बनाने का स्थान)- Where ships are manufactured

54. Depot(डिपो)- Where goods are stored

55. Dormitory(छात्रावास)- The sleeping room in public institution or school

56. Distillery(आसवनी)- Where liquor/spirits/whiskey is produced

57. Dispensary(औषधालय)- Out-patient department where medicines are dispensed

58. Den(मांद)- The home of a lion

59. Dairy(दुग्धालय)- The place where milk is converted into butter and cheese

60. Elysium(नन्दन)- A paradise with perfect bliss

61. Foyer(फ़ोयर)- An open area near the entrance used by public especially a hotel or theater

62. Gymnasium(व्यायामशाला)- Where exercises are performed

63. Grainary(अनाज)- A place for storing grains

64. Garage(गेराज)- A place where motorcars are kept

65. Gorge(कण्ठ)- Small valley

66. Gallows(फांसी)- Wooden framework on which persons are put to death by hanging

67. Guest annexe(अतिथि एनेक्सी)- Special room in a house for guests

68. Galley(लंबी नाव)- The kitchen in a ship or aircraft

69. Hanger(कांटा)- A place where aeroplanes are kept

70. Hive(मधुमुखी का छत्ता)- A place for bees

71. Hutch(हच)- A wooden box for rabbits

72. Hermitage(आश्रम)- A home 0f hermit

73. Hamlet(छोटा गांव)- Small village

74. Hoisery(होज़री)- Where knitted-wear is manufactured

75. Hatchery(मछली पालने का जहाज़)- Where eggs/chickens are produced



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