Important Synonyms Exercise (1-25) Series


Most Important Asked Previous year Synonyms Exercise (1-25) Series

Important Synonyms Exercise (1-25) For Railway, SSC, IB, BPSC, HTET, CTET, HSSC, UP PCS,  AIRFORCE , NDA , CDS and other Competitive Exams

  1. Anticipate ( पूर्वानुमान) – Expect, Hope
  2. Avarice ( लोभ) – Greed, Cupidity
  3. Adversary (विरोधी) – Enemy, Opponent
  4. Ancestor (पूर्वज) – Predecessor , Forerunner
  5. Assemble (इकट्ठा)- Collect, Amass
  6. Averse (प्रतिकूल)-      Loath, Hostile
  7. Allocate (बांटना)- Assign, Dispense
  8. Amiable (मिलनसार )- Lovable, Generous
  9. Awful (भयंकर)- Terrible, Horrible
  10. Awkward (भद्दा)- Clumsy, Routh
  11. Apprise (सूचना देना)- Inform, Notify
  12. Abridge (काट-छाँट)- Reduce, Diminish
  13. Awesome (बहुत बढ़िया)- Shocking, Fearful
  14. Applaud (सराहना)- Praise, Cheer
  15. Abattoir (कसाईखाना)- Penetrate, Bore
  16. Venial (अमर)- Allowable, Pardonable
  17. Ephemeral (अल्पकालिक)- Temporary, Transient
  18. Savage (जंगली)- Barbarous, Terrible
  19. Mirth (खुशी)- Levity, Happiness
  20. Morose (उदास)- Gloomy, Sullen
  21. Pliable (लचीला)- Flexible, Docile
  22. Deplorable ( खेदजनक)- Cheerless, Pitiable
  23. Obscenity (अश्लीलता)- Indecency, Immorality
  24. Confront (मुक़ाबला करना)- Challenge, Menace
  25. Repose (विश्राम)- Relax, Clam

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