Important Synonyms Exercise (101-125) Series

Vocabulary Excercise

Most Important Asked Previous year Synonyms Exercise (101-125) Series

101. Rejuvenate(फिर से युवा करना)- Refresh, Revivify

102. Revel(आनंद लेना)- Disport, Feast

103. Cogent(ठोस)- Powerful, urgent

104. Glorious(यशस्वी)- Grand, Famous

105. Repudiate(परित्याग करना)- Divorce, Abjure

106. Frustrate(हताश)- Upset, Baffle

107. Reveal(प्रकट करना)- Repentant, Humble

108. Scoundrel(दुष्ट)- Villain, Lair

109. Inconspicuous(अगोचर)- Hidden, Secret

110. Frugal(मितव्ययी)- Scanty, Miserly

111. Loom(करघा)- Hover, Rise

112. Despot(तानाशाह)- Autocrat, Emperor

113. Wizard(जादूगर)- Warlock, Expert

114. Nebulous(अस्पष्ट)- Hazy, Misty

115. Negligent(लापरवाह)- Carless, Heedless

116. Liaison(मेल जोल)- Amour, Affair

117. Roguish(शातिर)- Naughty, Knavish

118. Stimulation(उत्तेजना)- Excitement, Provocation

119. Inevitable(अनिवार्य)- Certain, Necessary

120. Dingy(धूंधला)- Dark, Dull

121. Loathe(घृणा करना)- Abhor, Detest

122. Docile(विनम्र)- Gentle, Tame

123. Lenient(उदार)- Tolerant- Generous

124. Gloomy(उदास)- Bleak, Lurid

125. Spasmodic(अकड़नेवाला)- Fitful, Jerky

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