Important Synonyms Exercise (126-150) Series


Most Important Asked Previous year Synonyms Exercise (126-150) Series

126. Indolence(आलस)- Inertness, Torpidity

127. Reluctant(अनिच्छुक)- Adverse, Queasy

128. Harbinger(अग्र-दूत)- Herald, Portent

129. Bluster(धमकी)- Strom, Be violent

130. Exile(निर्वासन)- Dismissal, Ouster

131.Uncouth(गंवार)- Rough, Boorish

132. Novice(नौसिखिए)- Learner, Disciple

133. Counterfeit(नक़ली)- Forged, Sham

134. Rejoice(ख़ुश होना )- Revel, Gloat

135. Splendour(धूम तान)- Glory, Parade

136. Corps(दल)- Troop, Platoon

137. Residue(अवशेष)- Remnant, Surplus

138. Fatigue(थकान)- Weakness, Dullness

139. Lambent(उज्ज्वल)- Radiant, Licking

140. Exotic(विदेशी)- Unusual, Glamorous

141. Subjugate(अधीन करना)- Overcome, Defeat

142.Intrinsic(स्वाभाविक)- Inborn, Natural

143. Stringent(कड़ी से कड़ी)- Harsh, Onerous

144. Machiavellian(धूर्त)- Cunning, Crafty

145. Corpse(लाश)- Cadaver, Remains

146. Entreat(विनती करना)- Implore, Pray

147. Sacrilege(अपवित्रीकरण)- Mockery, Heresy

148. Contemptible(घिनौना)- Paltry, Worthless

149. Unscrupulous(बेशरम)- Finical, Remiss

150. Regression(वापसी)- Retreat, Reflux

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