Most Important Asked Previous year Synonyms Exercise (26-50) Series

For Railway, SSC, IB, BPSC, HTET, CTET, HSSC, UP PCS,  AIRFORCE , NDA , CDS and other Competitive Exams

26.Glib (चिकना)Fluent, Smooth

27. Vitiate (गलाना)- Spoil, Defile

28. Veracity (सच्चाई)- Fairness, Reality

29. Majestic (आलीशान)- Grand, Prominent

30.Malediction (अपवाद)- Curse,Wrath

31. Perspicacious (भेदक)- Acute, Shar

32. Inadequate (अधूरा)- Worthless, Unequal

33. Embellished (अलंकृत)- Decked, Adorned

34. Discord (कलह)- Animosity, Dispute

35. Cranky (चिड़चिड़ा)- Perverse, Unsteady

36. Illusory (अवास्तविक- Fanciful, Visionary

37. Reverence (इज्जत)- Regret, Sorrow

38. Reprove (डाँटना)- Scold, Denounce

39. Companion (सहचरी)- Sharer, Consort

40. Preoccupied (बेचैन)- Heedless, Absent

41.Perpetual (अनन्त)- Enduring, Eternal

42. Reconciliation (मिलान)- Accord, Alliance

43. Stink (कलह)- Stench, Reek

44. Subsequent (अनुवर्ती)- Posterior, Forthcoming

45. Severe (सख़्त)- Violent, Strict

46. Affection (अनुराग)- Penchant, Devotion

47. Enormous (विशाल)- Huge, Immense

48. Ruthless (निर्दय)- Savage, Unkind

49. Robust (असभ्य)- Lusty, Stout

50. Divulge (प्रकट करना)- Reveal, Betray



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