Important Synonyms Exercise (51-75) Series


Most Important Asked Previous year Synonyms Exercise (51-75) Series

51. Illustrious(शानदार) – Exalted, Glorious

52. Terrible(भयानक)- Awful, Dreadful

53. Noxious(हानिकारक)- Deadly, Baneful

54. Cozy(आरामदायक)- Agreeable, Convenient

55. Prolonged(लंबा)- Extended, Delayed

56. Desperate(बेकरार)- Rash, Daring

57. Complaisant(मेहरबान)- Gentle, Humble

58. Inquisitive(जिज्ञासु)- Curious, Intrusive

59. Conspiracy(षड़यन्त्र)- Intrigue, Circumvention

60. Complacent(आत्मसंतुष्ट)- Assured, Smug

61. Pervert(स्वमतत्यागी)- Misuse, Impair

62. Scuffle(हाथापाई)- Fight, Strife

63. Tyrant(तानाशाह)- Despot, Emperor

64. Flamboyant(चमकीला)- Boastful, Pompous

65. Fierce(भयंकर)- Turbulent, Fiery

66. Juxtapose(मिलाना)- Associate, Correlate

67. Combat(युद्ध)- Strive, Withstand

68. Despondency(निराशा)- Dejection, Melancholy

69. Serene(निर्मल)- Calm, Sedate

70. Congruent(अनुकूल)- Coherent, Suitable

71. Bellicose(लड़ाकू)- Militant, Disputant

72. Deify(देवता-सदृश पूजा करना)- Exalt, Idolize

73. Rebellious(बाग़ी)- Resistive, Disobedient

74. Reciprocate(विनिमय करना)- Alternate, Interchange

75. Treacherous(नमक हराम)- Disloyal, Unreliable

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