Important Synonyms Exercise (76-100) Series


Most Important Asked Previous year Synonyms Exercise (76-100) Series

76. Enthusiastic(उत्साही)- Zealous, Ardent

77. Indomitable(अदम्य)- Haughty, Obdurate

78. Exhilaration(ज़िंदादिली)- Mirth, Thrill

79. Uproar(कोलाहल)- Tumult, Violence

80. Delude(भुलाना)- Defraud, Entrap

81. Decree(हुक्मनामा)- Verdict, order

82. Stimulate(प्रोत्साहित करना)- Rouse, Kindle

83. Calamity(आपदा)- Distress, Mishap

84. Fortitude(धैर्य)- Boldness, Heroism

85. Tremendous(भयानक)- Prodigious, Gigantic

86. Levy(उगाही)- Muster, Impose

87. Diverge(हट जाना)- Deviate, Conflict

88. Celibate(अविवाहित)- Continent, Single

89. Dubious(संदिग्ध)- Unclear, Equivocal

90. Incredible(अतुल्य)- Impossible, Unreliable

91. Quibble(वक्रोक्ति)- Sophism, Evasion

92. Clumsy(अनाड़ी)- Rough, Maladroit

93. Beverage(पेय पदार्थ)- Potion, Drink

94. Meticulous(सूक्ष्म)- Careful, Fussy

95. Whimsical(सनकी)- Droll, Playful

96. Futile(व्यर्थ)- Useless, Worthless

97. Forlorn(अनाथ)- Abandoned, Deserted

98. Capricious(मनमौजी)- Erratic, Fanciful

99. Luster(चमक)- Glory, Fame

100. Tranquil(शांत)- Gentle, Smooth

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