Teaching Learning Materials

1. Which of the following
organisations is working for the
improvement of school
education, especially through the
use of audio visual aids?
(1) NCET (2) NAAC
(3) NCERT (4) CBSE
2. Teaching aids are used for
making a lesson
A. interesting B. effective
C. stimulating D. exciting
(1) A, B and C (2) A and D
(3) B and C (4) All of these
3. Which of the following is not
true in the context of teaching
learning materials?
(1) A blackboard can be used for
putting the cut outs of newspapers
and magazines
(2) Teaching can be effective through
the use of audio-visual aids
(3) Audio visual aids help
comprehend difficult or
monotonous content
(4) Textbooks are one of the main
teaching learning materials used
in classrooms
4. Which of the following is/are
essential characteristics of a
good text book?
A. The introduction at the
beginning and conclusion at
the end of the chapter should
be given in the text book.
B. There should be both practice
and test exercises at the end of
the chapter.
C. The binding should be proper
and strong.
D. No difficult words and new
words are given in a good text
(1) Both A and B (2) Both A and C
(3) Only A (4) None of these
5. Teaching learning materials
should be selected according to
…….. .
(1) their availability in respective areas
(2) the objectives of teaching
(3) their cost
(4) None of the above
6. Teaching learning materials
make an English lesson
interesting for learners, if
(1) it is according to their age and
level of understanding
(2) only costly materials are used
(3) they are in their mother tongue
(4) used very regularly in the learning
7. Visual aids used in
teaching/learning process help in
the attainment of which of the
following objective/objectives of
(1) Cognitive, affective and
(2) Cognitive and affective
(3) Only cognitive
(4) Only affective
8. A teacher is reading a lesson
about wildlife in class V when
suddenly a child, Vineet, gets up
and says that tigers should not be
killed as they are becoming
extinct. The learner’s reaction to
the lesson can be described as
(1) seeking attention of the whole class
(2) interrupting the lesson
(3) relating text content with his own
knowledge about wildlife
(4) trying to show his superiority of
9. The use of dictionary does not
help learners to
(1) find out how to say a word
(2) be proficient in oral communication
(3) find the meaning of words
(4) check the part of speech of a word
Textbooks should be selected keeping in mind the age,
interest and individual differences of learners.
Textbooks should cover the objectives of English
The textbooks should be free from spelling errors and
printing mistakes. It should be attractive and illustrative.
Textbooks cover should be attractive and qualitative.
Each chapter must contain exercises and practical work
pertaining to its content in a textbook.
Textbook chapter should be related to experiences
which could enlighten us and provide some values.
Language should be used according to the age and
interest of the students.
A good textbook not only teaches but it also tests. A few
essential characteristics of a good textbook are given below
Size of the textbook should be handy for the students.
The binding should be good and paper used should be
of good quality.
Heading and sub-heading should be printed on title
page in bold form.
Illustrations should be attractive. Textbook of young
learners should have pictures which should be
well-drawn and realistically coloured.
Instructions should be clearly provided alongside the
test and practise exercises.
The subject matter of the textbook should provide new
information, so that students learn new knowledge.
A list of related books should be given at the end of the
lesson for further study.
Textbook must cover the whole syllabus.
Text Media
Modern technology has brought textbooks in the form of e-books and
e-journals also. In today’s world of technology revolution, e-books are
available in digital form consisting of text, images or both and it can be
read on the flat-panel display of computers or other electronic devices.
The e-books offer students, teachers and schools an additional medium or
tool of instruction that can support or enhance the learning process.
E-books benefit the students physically, academically and psychologically.
Using e-books has some constraints like lack of teachers proficient in
using skills required for e-books, the technology is not readily available
and shelf life of e-books is not much.
10. In Computer Aided Instruction
(CAI), the ‘simulation mode’ is
where learners
(1) get problems which are solved by a
process for trial and error
(2) experience real life systems and
(3) receive bits of information followed
by questions with immediate
(4) a series of exercises with repetition
11. An activity that requires a class
to design and present a Power
Point on the importance of
water conservation in a target
language is a … activity.
(1) multidisciplinary
(2) science project
(3) group
(4) language practice
12. A textbook describes a domestic
scene which shows the father
cooking in the kitchen, the
mother coming home from work
and their son sewing. What is
the concept conveyed?
[CTET Jun 2011]
(1) Division of labour among sexes
(2) Work is worship
(3) Removing gender bias
(4) Dignity of labour
13. The learning experiences that
offer a vicarious experience to
learners are [CTET Jul 2013]
(1) field trips, observations
(2) real objects and specimens
(3) abstract words, case study
(4) display boards, film clips
14. The teacher’s role is shifting from
‘sage on the stage’ to ‘guide on
the side’. Technology integration
helps this process when
[CTET Sep 2014]
(1) systems store more data and
administer tests individually to
(2) students actively search for and
explore answers instead of
receiving standard inputs
(3) easy retrieval of large quantities of
stored data is used to facilitate
preparation of notes
(4) assessment of students’ online
inputs is done quickly without
supervision at any time
15. Which one of the following is not
true in relation to the use of
children’s literature?
[CTET Sep 2015]
(1) It makes them understand and
respect diverse cultures
(2) Their reading proficiency
deteriorates and gets worse
(3) It helps in developing learners’
(4) It broadens their mental horizon
16. A good Teaching-Learning
Material (TLM) can best
[CTET Sep 2016]
(1) be a source of entertainment
(2) help the teacher to transact
material without any modification
(3) help the learners acquire a
(4) facilitate the teaching-learning
17. Travelogue is a genre of
[CTET Sep 2016]
(1) criticism (2) bibliography
(3) literature (4) poetry
18. Which one of the following is not
a form of literature for children?
[CTET Dec 2019]
(1) Picture books
(2) Thesaurus
(3) Myths and legends
(4) Tales of heroes of history
19. Literature of children is
considered a/an……… reading.
[CTET Dec 2019]
(1) additional burden on
(2) authentic source of
(3) hindrance material for
(4) inspirational source of
20. Integration of Toy Based
Pedagogy in language learning
can be done through
[CTET Dec 2021]
(1) role play using toys
(2) setting up toy corner in the
(3) using toys to teach moral values
(4) drawing the favourite toys
21. A teacher uses menu card in a
language task. This menu card
[CTET Dec 2021]
(1) is a relevant material for catering
(2) is an authentic material for
language pedagogy
(3) will tempt students towards eating
the food
(4) cannot be used as material in
language class
22. A classroom in primary classes
has cartoon books, small books of
ten pages with lots of
illustrations and a newspaper for
learners to read as and when get
time? What does the classroom
attempt to do here?
[CTET Jan 2022]
(1) Creating a print rich environment.
(2) Developing reading habits of learners.
(3) Creating reading groups among
(4) Creating an academic environment.
23. A collection of short stories and
other narratives are prescribed as
supplementary reader for
language earning? What is the
major purpose of the
supplementary reader?
[CTET Jan 2022]
(1) To promote intensive reading
(2) To promote moral learning
(3) To promote language learning
(4) To promote academic skills
24. Dictionary is a very important
tool for learning a language.
Which of the following is least
important about the use of
dictionary? [CTET Jan 2022]
(1) Check the spelling of a word
(2) Looking the meaning of a word
(3) Check the passive voice of a word
(4) Check the part of speech of a word
25. Creating a reading corner in the
classroom helps …….
[CTET Jan 2022]
(1) the children but burdens the teacher
to maintain a register and keep
record of their work.
(2) to share the responsibility of the
librarian as the books are issued by
the teacher.
(3) children to leaner and revise their
syllabus thoroughly.
(4) to provide opportunities to children
to select books independently as
per their interest.

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